Common Problems in Household Life

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In household life, it is easy to appear all kinds of stains and odors. So, there are ways to get rid of that. I’m going to give you some ways to do this, and hoping to help you.

1. How to wipe clean the metal tap?

Peel the potatoes, wipe the side of the meat, and immediately restore the shine!

2. How to remove the towel smell?

The towel after washing clean hands into the water, and 5 grams of salt or drip 10 ml of vinegar, soak for 5 minutes, scrub clean with clear water again, hang to dry in ventilated dry place, the conditional word in the sun exposure effect is best!


3. Can the stains in the cup go away?

So easy! A bit of toothpaste can be easily removed! Because tiny particles in toothpaste can help rub dirt.

4. How to remove the rag stain?

Put the cloth in a pot of clear water, then place the eggshell in the oven, boil the fire, boil it for 6 minutes, then remove it, rinse it with cool water, and dry it.

5. How to remove the bad smell from the refrigerator?

Put the toilet roll paper that we normally use in the freezer, it can slowly absorb peculiar smell! Normally one month change is ok, change the roll paper with moisture, just be used to wipe the soup that falls on the table when eating, the oil stain on the kitchen floor tile, it is very good.

6. How to remove the smell of the sewer?

First, peel off the pomelo peel, cut into small pieces, put in a pan, pour in water, after the fire is boiled, remove the grapefruit skin, while hot, slowly pour water into the drain. In addition to removing the odor from the sewer, regular use can remove the oil from daily accumulation in the inner wall of the sewer. In addition, the grapefruit skin of the home, orange peel, orange peel can use this method.


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