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Choose Washing Liquid

Household cleaning,News 2016-11-25 967

Choose washing liquid



The active ingredient of the product is a variety of surfactants, CLEACE liquid detergent  which biggest advantage is easy to dissolve in water, so many time and energy can be  saved in the washing.

Now, the washing liquid gradually replace the washing powder,as a market-leading products. When facing a large number of liquid laundry products, the quality of good or bad can be identified from the following five points.

  1. Appearance. High-quality products uniform viscosity, no visible impurities or stratification, and the presence of sub-product concentration on the thin stratification phenomenon.
  2. Color. Good liquid detergent stability color ,does not change color in a long time , and poor washing liquid will be dispersion, fading phenomenon.
  3. Scent. Good smell of pure laundry detergent, lasting, and poor will have a sour taste, and a bit astringent.
  4. Solubility. Good quality of the laundry solution can quickly dissolve in water, and poor washing solution is difficult to dissolve in water or need a long time stirring, and only from the local cleaning effect.
  5. Home effect. PH near-neutral, easy to water, do not hurt clothing

In order to protect your body and clean clothes, please choose CLEACE series of laundry liquid.


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