Caution: Washing Powder Residues Can Cause Allergic Dermatitis

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Now in life, skin disease is very much seen, especially dermatitis eczema is more common, it is more painful. For example, people in daily life some casual little habits, it is possible to expose themselves to the problem of skin disease. For example, washing powder causes allergic dermatitis, which many people can’t understand. This is a reminder that the residue of washing powder causes allergic dermatitis.

Some detergent powder manufacturers don’t take it seriously. But we do the opposite.

We consider more and more.We take into account the needs and health problems of different populations when producing.


First of all,

the dry season is prone to various skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, when choosing washing supplies, in addition, to want to consider the decontamination ability of cleaning products, consider the security of the skin. Experts point out that the choice of washing products is likely to cause skin diseases. For example, laundry detergent residue can cause allergic dermatitis. So pay attention to prevention.


daily use detergent to add more enzyme washing powder, it contains proteolytic enzymes can make the protein of water-insoluble substances (human skin secretion, certain foods, or is the main components of the blood protein) hydrolyzed into water soluble amino acids, therefore, enzymatic detergent is much better than general detergent decontamination effect.


enzymatic detergent consumption of proteolytic enzymes in the process of using sometimes not thoroughly and residue in the clothing, when people wearing the clothes especially close-fitting clothing, due to residual proteolytic enzyme decomposition of protein, skin and cause skin allergy symptoms such as pruritus and erythema papula.


in order to avoid allergic dermatitis, residue washing powder in the use of washing powder, the dosage should be appropriate, don’t put much, clothing rinse several times more, laundry had better use clear water to soak for a while, when necessary, can also be used boiling water immersion, to destroy the residual enzyme activity, which can prevent skin allergy.
The above mentioned is that washing powder causes allergic dermatitis and hopes to help everyone. There should be more careful in life, once appear, allergy symptoms should immediately to the formal professional medical institutions for symptomatic treatment, so as not to miss the best period of treatment, bring more pain and trouble.

The choice of a good manufacturer is a matter of deep consideration.

Don’t worry, our products are safe and healthy, and don’t have to worry about that.


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