Again! There Was Another Theft!

Brand Power News,News 2017-10月-周日 1,053

Our company scale is getting bigger and bigger, and our brand is doing better and better. Consequently, there will be a lot of piracy. In the last issue, we pointed out the fake goods. This time, we will point out the phenomenon of piracy of the official website.

As our brand develops better and better, more and more people will know our brand under the marketing on the Internet. This gives a lot of marketing people convenience, they are not very good at their own drawing, they have taken our official website master graphs as their own website main picture. Let’s have a look!


In this picture, we can see that our brand name is clearly visible, and the logo on the laundry liquid is blurred.


Just like the picture above, we can also see our brand name. These pictures are enough to verify what I said about the theft of our official website.


It’s a very unethical behavior. We strongly criticized such theft! In other words, the occurrence of such theft is more likely to account for the quality of our products.

As a matter of fact, we can’t stop this piracy. Once it was accused, they’re going to remove it. However, what we should do is to promise to make better websites so that you can find information about our products easily.

So far, to avoid that our customers may find the wrong official website, our marketing team has removed the original pictures of our website. Consumers can safely browse our website. It won’t happen again the phenomenon!

In this regard, we will make a commitment to inform our customers in the first place if we find this phenomenon. We are here to remind consumers to be vigilant in order to prevent the purchase of illegal goods.


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