A Letter of Sympathy to the People of Mexico

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Fellow members of the Mexican region and compatriots in the affected areas:

How do you do!

On September 19, 2017, 13 14 points, while at this moment, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake is located in the central Mexico of Morelos, rope just 12 kilometers southwest of paucity, 57 km, focal depth people panic, a mess, after the earthquake, people were displaced, the homeless. Coincidentally, it happened on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. Hours before the earthquake struck, many people also took part in a nationwide earthquake drill, which was called “Mexico City’s most miserable day” on September 19.

Now, AoGrand Group staffs expressed deep condolences and sincere sympathy. A man’s life is the most precious, looking at thousands of homeless people, looked at the rising number of casualties, watching the scene of the debris, everyone’s heart would rather grief and lamented sigh.

We all members in the deeply concerned about the disaster affected areas colleague, worried about damage to friends and the life and the life and property safety, care about your hometown affected relatives, hope customers friends and family disaster areas are all safe.

Earthquake disaster moment affects our hearts, the company all staff through various channels to understand the situation, pay attention to progress in disaster relief, we believe that one party hard eight party support, under the support of people all over the world, as long as we are all the compatriots in the same boat, unity is strength, we would have earthquake relief is the biggest victory!


At this moment, let us close our eyes together and pray for the state of Morelos in central Mexico!

In the end, we wish the disaster victims in the disaster area an early victory over the disaster and rebuild their homes.


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