A Few Tips for House Cleaning

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Family health is important to the health of the family. Of course, the inevitable in home life will have dirt. That requires a regular home cleaning job. So how to clean your home quickly and cleanly? Then I’ll give you some tips for house cleaning.


1. Clean the screen window: the screen window is covered with dust. Most of the time we clean it, we remove the screen window and wash it with water. Tell you a you don’t have to remove the screen window will be a good way to clean very clean screen window: will waste newspapers with wet cloth, and then after wet paper stick on the back of the screen, after waiting for five minutes, the newspaper on the screen window off, you will find that damp stain stick full of dust on the screen in the newspaper. This kind of method sweep gauze window, save time and energy, don’t believe you try!

2. The corners of the room or the seams of the carpet and the wall are the most difficult to clean. It is very easy to produce mildew, and try to clean it with an old toothbrush. If encounter more stubborn dirt, can use a toothbrush to dip in the detergent brush to divide, then wipe clean with water, keep the dry can.

3. When sweeping the floor with a broom, if you are worried about the dust, you might as well wet the newspaper and tear it to pieces and sprinkle it on the ground. Because wet newspaper can stick to dust, can sweep the floor easily. If the floor is quite dirty, can wipe the whole with the wet rag first, wipe clean with the dry rag.

4. The stick-type hook is quite convenient, but when it’s time to remove it, it has to be heavily discounted. At this time, as long as the cotton that dips vinegar is spread on the hook, make vinegar water infiltrate into the seam of tight glue, a few minutes later, can use the flathead screwdriver to dismantle the link easily. Residual adhesive can also be wiped clean with vinegar.

5. The curtain that gets yellow because of nicotine, throw in the washing machine, often have how also do not clean the trouble, at this time, salt can be used. Just immerse the curtain in the washing machine to add a half cup of salt, put in washing powder after a day, the curtain can restore white, the whole room also will feel more relaxed.


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