Wash Hands Properly, Reduce the Number of Bacteria by 21 Percent

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Hand washing can effectively ward off germs. But is there the best way to wash your hands?

The British research team recently published a paper on Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology. They compared two different approaches to hand washing: the world health organization’s recommended six-step approach and the three-step approach recommended by the CDC.

Experts say the world health organization’s six-step approach is more effective than the three-step approach. The traditional way of washing your hands is not the most effective way to clean your hands, “soap, rub, wash, clean”. How to wash your hands with hand sanitizer? Now follow the one slow motion of the right hand of the WHO:



After all, the difference between the two methods lies in the different parts of the rubbing.

The three-step method USES an “alcoholic disinfectant” (a used instead of soap, hand sanitizer), the liquid extrusion in the hand palm, then hands and all painted surfaces, hand rub repeatedly until dry.

The six-step rule covers the six parts of the hand, palms to the palm, rubbing the thumb, fingers between the fingers, using soap or alcohol disinfectant.

The six-step average takes 42.5 seconds, while the three-step method takes 35 seconds.

Hand washing, especially in hospitals, plays a key role in preventing infection. To test which method was more effective, the researchers looked at the hand-washing habits of 42 doctors and 78 nurses at a hospital in Glasgow, Scotland. Half of them were asked to use the three-step method, and the other half used the six-step method.

After they had contact with the patient, the researchers took samples from doctors’ nurses’ hands, examined the number of bacteria, and found that the WHO’s six-step method reduced the number of bacteria than the three-step method.

The six steps recommended by the world health organization can reduce the number of bacteria by 21 percent.

After the six-step process, the number of bacteria decreased by 21 percent. After the three-step method, the number of bacteria decreased by only 6%.

Now that you know the six-step method is more effective, how can you wash your hands correctly?

Experts recommend that health workers use soap or bacteriostatic hand sanitizers before and after direct contact with patients.
The first step of “six steps to wash your hands”: hands rubbing palms; Step 2: rub your hands on your back; Step 3: fingers crossed; Step 4: finger clasp; Step 5: rotate your thumb with your palms. Step 6: rotate your fingertips in your hand.


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