How to Remove Tea Stains from Clothing?

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Washing powder is our commonly used cleaning products, however, different stain method of use is different also, washing powder using the combination of the following methods for washing at the same time, in this way can we achieve decontamination effect you want. Otherwise, the task will be half done. As a qualified washing powder wholesale, it is our duty to recommend some simple and effective methods to remove the tea stains.


1. Wash with hot water, and it’s not long for clothes to be stained with tea

Clothes that are contaminated with tea or coffee can be washed with 70-80% hot water immediately and can be removed.

Old tea leaves can be dipped in salt water or mixed with ammonia and glycerin (1:10). The silk and wool fabric is banned from ammonia, and can be rubbed with 10% glycerine solution, then washed with detergent.

Old tea and coffee stains can be wiped with glycerine and egg yolks, then rinse with water. Or apply glycerin to the stain, sprinkle with some borax and soak in boiling water. Can also be wiped with diluted ammonia, borax and warm water.

2. The most convenient and common way to get tea stains

If the dress to the tea time is not long, generally with salt, the salt in lightly sprinkle a layer with tea, 10 minutes after take a pot of hot water and a bar of soap, bubble is in water for 5 minutes to wash the clothes. The quicker way is to squeeze the toothpaste on your toothbrush, add the washing powder, add some water and wash the tea stains.

3. Remove the tea stains from your clothes with bleach

Soak the clothes in the water first, again inside put some washing powder, after soaked for a moment, it is better to warm water, and add some bleaching powder, rub, after half an hour later in the clean water, wash detergent and bleaching water!

Oh, attention, it’s better to wear gloves when you wash, because bleach can hurt your hands!


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