| Congratulations On The Successful Listing Of Our Company In “ZhongChuang Board”
Company News,News 2019-12月-周五 107
On December 16, 2019, with the resounding gong, AoGrand Group Inc. was officially listed on the "Zhongchuang Board", which became another important milestone in the development history of AoGrand Group. Since AoGrand Group establishment, AoGrand Group has been steadily cultivating ......
Fair News丨The 25th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair was officially opened today at the China Yiwu International Expo Center.
News 2019-10月-周一 330
After many mouths of careful preparation, Jiangsu Haoguang Group has arranged exquisite booths using the company's finest products. The exquisite appearance of the products has attracted the attention of visitors. The booth is crowded with us. Products are of interest to visitors. The sta......
Fair News丨The 25th Yiwu International Commodities Fair was officially opened from today
News 344
The 25th Yiwu International Commodities Fair was officially opened from today. After nearly two months of careful preparation, all our preparations have been completed. Our exhibits and exhibitors have arrived in Yiwu in the first two days. After two days of exhibition work, our Yi......
How to choose your own air freshener?
Everyone should have an air freshener, which belongs to their favorite fragrance, so that they can bathe in a harmonious and soothing fresh atmosphere and have a good moo......
CLEACE Brand Attracts More And More Caribbean Musinessmen
The Caribbean market is one of the key markets of AoGrand Group. The annual export business maintains a great growth. In some countries, the market share is as high as 20......
Again! There Was Another Theft!
Our company scale is getting bigger and bigger, and our brand is doing better and better. Consequently, there will be a lot of piracy. In the last issue, we pointed out the f......
Warning! We Got Fake Goods!
We are very surprised to find fake goods from our distributor feedback. They not only copied our packaging design but also the logo only has a single letter difference. ......