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The Origin of Washing Powder

News 2017-07-24 905


Germany Han higher than 1907 to borate and silicate as the primary raw material, for the first time invented the detergent, detergent is a basic synthetic detergent, soap is the main component of anionic surfactants: alkyl benzene Sodium sulfonate, a few nonionic surfactants, Plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, Yuan Mingfen, fluorescent agents, enzymes, etc., by mixing, dusting and other processes made, and now most of the use of PTFE instead of phosphate phosphate.


Since the 1940s, with the development of the chemical industry, people use the oil extracted from the chemical substance – four polypropylene sodium benzenesulfonate, to produce a better than the soap detergent performance. Later, people with softened hard water, improve the detergent decontamination effect of the phosphate into the detergent, so that the fulfillment of the detergent even more perfect. People to use, carry, store, transport, and other convenience put the detergent made into soap.

As the washing powder in the good water, river water, tap water, spring water, and even water and other water quality have shown a good decontamination effect and widely used in various types of fabrics, so its production and use of the rapid development of the. Now, the detergent is almost every household must wash the supplies.


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