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In January, 2016, 2000 Pregnant Women Infected in Colombia

Pregnant Women Infected

Columbia pregnant women infected with the virus (Zika) in the population of two times in a week, according to the Columbia National Health Bureau, said the current nearly 2 thousand pregnant women infected, the country has more than 20 thousand people infected.
Canada’s public health department, 29, announced that Canada found 4 people infected with the virus, including 2 people in British Columbia Province, 1 people in Alberta Province, there are 1 people in Quebec province. 4 patients are currently in stable condition.
According to reports, the 4 have recently been to the village of the virus popular in the South and South America and the Caribbean and other regions travel. Canada Department of health in pregnant women travel to these Zika virus epidemic area before, consult a doctor, come from these areas if they want to donate the blood will be delayed for a month.


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