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Fair news | The First Day of Canton Fair, We Are Waiting for You to Come

Fair News,News 2016-04-23 1,132

Hello, today is the first day of canton fair, we are waiting for you to come. 16.3 G06&G07 23.Apr.-27.Apr.


This year we changed our booth decoration style. Using the neon lights and domestic TV, give a person more visual enjoyment. All the products, we are all according to the classification of brand display. Main brands are: CLEACE, JOBY, SUNING, ARROW, MYSTIC, IWASH.


Each product we have prepared a lot of, is convenient to provide you with the samples. CLEACE is one of the brands of AoGrand. We are quality washing powders, laundry detergent, soaps, aerosol cleaner manufacturer. We producing and selling soaps, washing powder, laundry detergent, hand washing liquid, dish washing liquid, house cleaners, aerosol cleaners. You may have seen the counters. Yes, in order to let more people know us, we use the counters. Hope you see it and like it.



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