Zika Virus You Want to Know are Here

Ebola outbreak in Africa has not completely ended, there is a mosquito borne virus in the Americas – Zika Virus. Since May 2015, a massive Zika virus infection outbreak in Brazil According to the WHO by the end of 1, the Americas, Africa and other countries and regions have more than 30 reports of the spread of the Zika virus, spread quickly.

Zika virus can only be spread by mosquitoes? After infection condition is serious? If there is no cure? Can cause neonatal microcephaly disease?


1.  what is the Virus Zika?

Zhai is originally Uganda, Africa south of the jungle’s name, scientists first from living in the woods in a rhesus monkey who isolated the virus, named as Zika virus.


In 2007, 185 cases were found in the Western Pacific island of Micronesia.


2. Virus Zika can be spread among people?

Zika virus is a mosquito borne arbovirus can pass, is mainly transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes.


The World Health Organization spokesman lindermeier said Zika virus is spread by the bite of the mosquito, the mosquito can transmit dengue fever, based Chikungunya fever and yellow fever. Must have the ability to Aedes, Zika virus infect people. There is no evidence that the virus will spread between people, the village card virus will not be transmitted because of contact.


3.  The United States found that the first suspected case of sexually transmitted infections, the current is able to explain the interpersonal communication?

United States Centers for Disease Control in February 2nd confirmed that the United States for the first time found that may be transmitted through sexual transmission, rather than mosquito bites spread of infectious disease cases.


This case appears in Dallas, Texas, local health officials said the patient not to travel to South American countries, is likely to be in patients with returned from infected countries have had sexual contact with infected.


4. Clinical response of the Virus Zika

Walled Virus Zika asymptomatic infection is very common, clinical symptoms appear in the case of 20%-25%, that is, 4 people or 5 people infected with the virus, only 1 people will appear clinical symptoms. The vast majority of clinical symptoms are mild, you can heal within 2-7 days, the real need to be hospitalized rarely. Severe and death cases are rare.


5. symptoms may occur within a few days?

Remember this time: two weeks. If you come back from South America within 14 days, there is no clinical symptoms of the virus infection, it can be said that you do not have infection.


6. It can be shown that at present, microcephaly disease caused by Zika virus?

2015 Brazil Zhai card outbreak found a lot of microcephaly in neonates, according to the World Health Organization, neonatal microcephaly may and the village of card related virus infection.


Although in the walled card virus endemic areas of microcephaly increased significantly, but between the two is causal relationship remains to be further studied.


7. Infected with the virus Zika, how to treat?

Zika virus as a kind of RNA virus. At present, there is no antiviral drugs and are basically mild symptoms, so only need to symptomatic treatment, mainly is to have more rest without bed rest, only need to reduce physical activity. In addition, need more water.


8. The best way to treat Zika virus?

The best way to cure it is not to be infected with the virus!

You can take some necessary protective measures, is currently the main mosquito, to avoid outdoor activities. To participate in outdoor activities to wear long trousers, mosquito repellent liquid spraying. If it is long in the local work, attention should be paid to ensure that no mosquito breeding sites, surrounding the use of mosquito nets.


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The best way to cure it is not to be infected with the virus!Use this, repellent the mosquito, keep Zika virus away from you!


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