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Products Name: washing powder lemon perfumed 1kg CLEACE

0.027CBM/BAG 10/10.5KG 1030BAGS 2500BAGS


CLEACE antibacterial and perfumed washing powder,can remove the common Escherichia Coll and Staphylococuucs Aureus,the mustly door caused by bacteria .make cloth clean and fresh.effect active matter,clean fast,safe more.Can purify deeply, remove the popular smell,exhaust gas,droplet and other invisible pollution,make cloth clean ,away from pollution ,fell comfortable.

5 Advanced Technology
1. contain many efficient biological activity factors, removw the stain in the deep of cloth ,make cloth clean sa new.
2. contain bright color factors ,care the clolor of cloth professionally .make white cloth more white ,colorful cloth more colorful.
3. contain easy rinsing formula ,simplify rinsing process ,save water ,save time ,save labor.
4. contain essence of plant care protect the fiber of cloth when removing stain,no damage to cloth and hand.
5. contain efficient cpmposite generation of phosphorus fertillizer ,environmental and safe ,healthy every day.

Superior quality lavender essence Caution
Applicable to cotton, linen, synthetic fiber and Blends, Don’t use to wash silk, wool.
Wash your colored clothes and white clothes separately.
If splashed into eyes, bnse with plenty of water immediately. If swallowed, drink plenty of water immediately and consult a physician.
Storage in the dry and ventilated place, keep out of reach of Children and pets.
Please usewarmwater, more dosage, longer washing time if the clothes is very dirty, more quantity in hard water quality place.

Clothing is human body’s second skin, in daily life, especially when children play, in kinds of complex environment, clothes will more contact with dirt and bacteria, especiall the stains over the 12corners, so difiicult to clean. CLEACE antibacterial and perfumed washing powder make clothes new again and get rid of dirt and bacteria.

Best Use Guidance
To very dirty clothes, should increase the amount of washing powder or prolong the soaking time, the appropriate water is to just immerse the clothing. With warm water soaking will have better washing effect.

Usable Range
Apply to cotton, hemp clothing, chemical fiber and blending material, do not use on silk, wool fabric. Hand wash, machine wash both can be. Hard water, soft water, cold water, hot water is applicable.

kindly renubder
For easily discolor clothes, please wash deep and light color clothes respectively;
To keep the activity of biological enzyme, water temperature should be below 60 ‘C;
Please store the product in a cool, dry place, keep away from children;
If fall into the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water, and see doctor immediately;
Sensitive skin or skin damaged, please wear gloves;

Complex surfactant
effective antibacterial agent
Clothes bright factor
Easy to rinse activity factor
Natural plant flavor
hard water softening agent
Low temperature clean activity factor
Dirt suspending agent
Composite replace the phosphorus adjuvant
Executive Standard: WL-A GB/T 13171.2
Net weight: 3kg
Expiry date: 3years

washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE01washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE02washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE03washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE04
washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE05washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE06washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE07washing-powder-lemon-perfumed-1kg- CLEACE08


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3.R&D service

4.Quality control system to be carried out to every production procedure

The others information:

We have our own lab.Sample analysis or bulk products inspection will be timely and conveniently.

Basic Information:

Product(We Sell):mosquito coils,soaps,detergents,aerosols,washing powder,household paper

Number of Employees: 500 people

Production Capacity:

30000 tons of soaps

100,000 tons of liquid detergent products

70000 tons washing powder

30000 tons household paper producs

3 million normally carton mosquito coil per year

50 million cans of aerosols be assembled and filled

Main Markets:


Latin America

Middle East

Southeast Asia





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