Washing Different Sofas With Different Ways

Household cleaning,News 2017-10-10 213

The sofa is the most comfortable place in the family, when receiving guests, or having a break with your family members, it is always a dispensable place. As the use frequency of sofa is high, it also becomes dirty easily relatively. Sofa maintenance relies on the cleaning of the sofa. Cleaning thoroughly with our washing powder is a better choice.

There are a variety of sofas in the market, and the sofa of different materials has different cleaning method. First, we should figure out what kind of material your sofa is made from.

The cleaning method of cloth art sofa

Spray antifouling agent: when cloth art sofa changes new cloth art seat cover, the antifouling agent can be sprayed on the surface of a cloth art sofa, which can reduce the possibility of being stained with dust.

Bedding sofa towels: in the place where the sofa is more easily getting dirty, spread the towel, such as cushion, armrest; When the above place is dirty, just wash the sofa towel which makes it easy to deal with.

Vacuum cleaner method: regularly, using a vacuum cleaner to clean cloth art sofa, that is very effective.

Cleaning method: the sofa cover of cloth art sofa can be cleaned, but do not rinse frequently, the way cloth is faded, shrink, deform, try to use cleanser once a year.

The cleaning of leather sofa

Dry cloth wipe method: the surface of the leather sofa if being touched with float dust, need to wipe the surface gently with a clean towel, wipe off dust.

Leather polishing method: the surface of the leather sofa will be black when using for a long time. You can dip the towel into the water to wipe with a clean soft towel sofa 2 times, to be fast when sofa leather surface evenly daub leather polish again, make sofa surface if brightness is new.

Having seen those cleaning method of all kinds of sofa, we hope the information will help you.