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How to Identify Products Real or Fake?

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At present, the relevant washing powder on the market has appeared the phenomenon that imitates our company’s brand logo.In this regard, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to consumers. We firmly against fake and inferior products while safeguarding our legitimate rights and interests. Please learn to identify true and false and identify our brand –JOBY when shopping. Of course, it can also see the brand influence of our company.

Many consumers don’t tell the truth when they buy goods, and many consumers want to know whether or not they buy something real or genuine, but they don’t know how to tell it. The following is to introduce the anti-counterfeiting label to teach you to identify.

When we buy products, we first check whether the product’s anti-counterfeiting label is complete. If the label is not complete, the product will not be purchased.

Second, check the anti-counterfeiting methods on the security labels. Whether early use of laser labels, laser labels, printing technology, if it is early to use that you don’t need to query, as long as according to the commodity or on the packing box is introduced in the instructions carefully to identify the line. If not, it’s a popular digital anti-counterfeiting mode now. Then we can go further and tell the truth.

Again, digital anti-counterfeit query approaches mainly include: website, for text messages, telephone inquiries, under normal circumstances, the goods will be marked on the query, consumers only need to be carried out in accordance with the above indicate the query.

Finally, one of the things many consumers will ignore is that the official website of the brand is advised to see if the product’s anti-counterfeiting method is the same as that of the product. This is to prevent counterfeit labels from being false.


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