Fair News | Holland PLAM’s World of Private Label Show

News 2015-05-18 553

In 5/19~5/20, AoGrand attend the Holland PLAM’s World of Private Label Show, as a professional manufacturer, we need to go out to see the others, for keeping we stand the top position.

World of Private Label Show1

In China, we have a popular words: The world is so huge, I’d like to have a visit. When you see more and know more, then you can do better. It’s very important for our production, also good for our so many customers, we are producing the top class service for people.

World of Private Label Show2

Holland in May is so beautiful, feel free with those white cloud and blue sky, that’s why we design our JOBY detergent with blue package, then with a good clear effect, more and more people like it.

World of Private Label Show3

In the face of such a clean environment, every people will have a good feel, AoGrand in this exhibition is try to let more friends know us, that you can see AoGrand everywhere, no matter Africa, Asia, or the Europe and America market. Our purpose is being a great enterprise.

World of Private Label Show6 World of Private Label Show4 World of Private Label Show5

Holland is a so beautiful country, and is also the same with our purpose. We hope people can build good family with AoGrand products, clear, healthy and comfortable. Then you can see smile on their faces, that’s a great dream, but AoGrand people are working on it, will you join us?

World of Private Label Show8 World of Private Label Show7