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We can producting different specifications of the mosquito coils. Micro smoke, smoke-free. Different usage scenarios: home, in the wild. We adopt modern production technology, greatly reduce the time, improve the yield and quality. We are able to meet the needs of most customers, to improve the customized service for you.



Purchase raw material


Sampling inspection

Quality inspection qualified

Materials put in storage


Make production plan

From October to next March is busy season for production, in this moment we need to prepare enough blank coils for Chines inner market. Because China market is the largest for manufacturer or buyer, and in China the mosquito season is from May to September. Based on ARROW brand good quality, people like our products very much.

Arrange blank coils production

Follow the formula, mix kinds of material, after stir evenly, hot water, steam, you will see the powder become a whole piece shape mixed material come out from tower, it’s wet and soft.

When the piece shape material goes from a model machine, auto machine hand will take wet and soft blank coils out, and put on the shelf in order.

Then workers send these wet blank coils into a long and high oven, after this step, blank coils become dry and hard, then collect these coils into storage carton box and hold for at least 3 days. Each bitch products with a mark, noted the produce date, which line, model and necessary information which can check back.

At this moment, blank coils production is not finished, because we still need to collect samples and test, which include but not limited to:
The basic physical information;
Burn lasting minutes;
The intensity of coils;

Everything is ok then put in stock, the warehouse must be dry, clean, no Sunshine, and we have special workers check the warehouse in fixed time.

The normal finished products production

Collect information what customers want;

In different countries, people likes the different products, such as brand, color, pack design, spec information and many, these are what we need to collect and deal with, and tell customers what can we do, what we will do;

Make design

Get confirmation from customers, Implement what customer want;

Pack and other materials for new order collect

Put production;

Sampling inspection

Our quality center will test

Quality inspection qualified

We must make our customers get good quality products the same with what they want or saw in before, get what the pay for.

Arrange shipment

FOB or CIF, pay in advanced, freight collect just for making your works much easier.


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