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Detergent liquid product is one of our main export products.Our factory uses the domestic advanced equipment to produce. Each process has professional person to control.

1.New order. When we got a new detergent liquid order, we will give the requirement to our R&D department. Our technical staff will make proofing many times, to test its functionality and stability, then get a most suitable formula.

2.Once got the formula, the purchasing agent will make a list to purchase.Each material supplier is professionally produced and long term cooperation. When the material arrived, our professional quality control person will test on the material, such as the bottles drop test, the leak test and so on. Each step is to ensure the products quality.

3.After the material test, the material will be send to the workshop. During the production process, our quality inspection personnel will random sample inspection,to ensure the overall quality of the goods.

4.When the last shipment, our commander control at the scene to ensure the most reasonable loading.


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