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Latin America Visit Plan

Company News,News 2019-11-16 66

The Latin American market visit plan is one of the important itineraries for the meeting between AoGrand Group and Latin American partners. The Latin American market visit plan has been highly valued and actively participated by the cooperation between AoGrand Group and Latin American partners and distributors. It is expected that AoGrand Group and Latin American’ partners will understand each other and promote a series of cooperation after the visit.

This is another great event after the visit of the Ivan President to the South American and Italian in July this year. At present, the preparatory work is being carried out in an orderly and orderly manner in accordance with the general requirements of “streamlining, innovation, safety and effectiveness”. Preparations for the conference, promotion, website reception platform, translation, sample and packaging design preparation, exhibition and other preparations are basically ready.

After careful preparation, this visit plan has the following highlights and features:

First, the form of visits is rich and varied. With the theme of “deepening the potential of cooperation and deepening the integration of interests”, AoGrand  Group focused on enhancing the level of trade cooperation between AoGrand and Latin America, exploring hot topics in the process of innovating international trade cooperation models and deepening trade cooperation content. This visit plan will be carried out in various forms such as industry roundtables, counterpart negotiations, and exhibitions. A number of trade entrepreneurs and Latin American partners will deliver speeches, and I believe that it must be a good event.

Deuxièmement, les expositions sont colorées. L’exposition a toujours été une partie importante du commerce extérieur de l’entreprise. Les sociétés participantes et le groupe Yanguang attachent une grande importance à l’effet publicitaire de cette plate-forme internationale. L’exposition du plan de visite de l’Amérique latine est divisée en trois parties principales. La première partie concerne les produits anti-moustiques, les produits de lavage des liquides, les produits anti-moustiques et les produits de purification de l’air. L’affichage principal est le désodorisant mystic verger 250ml et 350ml; la seconde partie est Aogrand. L’exposition sur l’image de marque présente principalement la capacité de production, l’ampleur et les installations de différentes usines de la société. L’image et les avantages de Yan Guang sont présentés à la situation générale du Groupe.

Third, the preparations for the Latin American visit plan are intense and orderly. In addition to the above characteristics and highlights, the preparatory work is progressing according to the time node. The pre-visit training, sample design, promotion and press release have been completed, and preparations have been made before the visit. We believe that this visit will be a complete success and welcome more Latin American customers to join us.

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