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Please note that! We are going to Canton Fair...

  On the following 23rd-27th, we will go to Guangzhou to attend the 126th Canton Fair.The 126th China Import and Export Fair will be held in Guangzhou on October 15.
  The first phase of the 2019 Canton Fair begins on October 15th and lasts for three periods until early November. It is necessary to say that the exhibition of our company is phase 2. The exhibition will be held from October 23rd to 27th. If you just want to go in and visit, you can find the Canton fair exhibition company for temporary visit certificate. The number of days you visit can be fixed by yourself, you can visit the day, or you can visit three days or even a full period.
   Our company have 9 booths in Guangzhou, which is the largest booth in AoGrand Group's history. At this spring's 125th Canton Fair, AoGrand Group attracted the attention of customers from all over the world, and achieved good business.
  We believe that there will be more customers participating in the exhibitions this month. We also expect more customers to visit. We also expect to achieve good cooperation with customers from different countries and regions. We have reason to believe that with our high quality products and our meticulous preparation and abundant products, this month's exhibition will surely achieve good business, look forward to your arrival.

Location information

Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

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